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Alfurqan Trading is one of the best office stationery and supplies in Dubai. We offer you the comfort of shopping online for your office, without having to deal with different vendors. We even deal with writing instruments, children’s stationery, corporate gifts, school stationery items, art and craft items, drawing materials and much more.

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We bring the best and high-quality office products at a reasonable price. Our main objective is to change the way you think about procurement. If you are searching for an online site to buy office stationery then look no further, we are office stationery importers in Dubai. We believe that it is important for each and every one of our customers to have a trusted partner to look after them. Our professionals are here to offer you the best service provider, not just for your office product requirements but also provide you solutions for all the office requirements.

From the wide-range of stationery products, you can purchase your required stationery. Our professionals are here to provide you the best service possible, not just for your office product required but also offer you solutions for all your office importance. By getting the stationeries from the local shops is a hassle-filled job as an office needs a large number of such supplies. Therefore, the smart way is to shop from Alfurquan Trading and get your office stationery delivered at the doorstep of your office.

Today even as we advance into the digital world, the requirement for important office supplies- pencils, pens, registers, refills, calculators, glue sticks, desk organizers, etc. remains as strong as ever. AlFurquan Trading understands this shift in focus and has grown to cover a big range of office stationery from pens and paper to ink and other computer accessories.

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Make sure that your office is stocked with the daily needed supplies. Come to us: The prominent stationery supplier for office supplies Dubai. We treat our customers as a family and try to help you find the best deals possible. We have a team of experts with good years of experience in dealing with the daily office supplies. Browse our online stationery store to get a hold of our excellent products today. For more detailed information, feel free to contact us and avail our services.

165 AED

Heavy duty Stapling machine
•210 sheets capacity
•165.00 AED

135 AED

Heavy duty Stapling machine
•100 sheets capacity
•135.00 AED

84 AED

High quality gel ink rollerball Contains uni Super Ink; fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof Rubber grip for comfortable writing
•84.00 AED
•12 pcs


  • Sliding Bar Report File 10mm A4 5C
  • Blue, green, yellow, red, grey

48 AED

  • L-Report File A4 Clear 100pk
  • High transparency


  • L-Report File A4 Clear 10pk
  • High transparency


  • 2-hole Report File 0.2mm A4 5C
  • Red, blue, pink, green, orange

19 AED

  • Expanding File Buckled w/handle A4 13P Black
  • Black, blue, white

18 AED

  • Expanding File Elastic w/notebook A4 7P 5C
  • Red, blue, green, yellow, black

13 AED

  • Cube Expanding File Elastic A4 7P 4C
  • Blue, red, black, grey

14 AED

  • Expanding File Buckled w/handle A4 7P 2C
  • White, black

15 AED

  • Expanding File Elastic w/view window A4 13P 4C
  • Blue, yellow, red, green

20 AED

  • Foam PP Expanding File Buckled w/handle A4 13P 2C
  • Blue, black

13 AED

  • Expanding File Elastic A4 13P 4C
  • Blue, yellow, red, green

15 AED

  • Expanding File Buckled w/handle A4 13P 4C  
  • Blue, yellow, red, green